• Kaisha

    I just wanted to let you know that I received your package in the mail and have started my embroidery project. I’m having a lot of fun! My work looks nowhere near as beautiful as yours, but I’m learning so much and finding so much enjoyment as I stitch.Thanks for creating that masterclass video, and giving me the ability to step into your creative world and try your artistic style!Your creative works are truly magnificent! I love your pieces so much and am so grateful for this opportunity.

  • Angela

    I had a chance to start my kit today... Just wanted to share my progress. I am really starting to enjoy this. I am no where near your skill but this is fun! Thanks and I hope you have a merry Christmas.

  • Shimunia calendar


    I love the calendar, the quality is really nice and it arrived super fast.
    You've also been an absolute angel to talk to so thanks for that as well <3

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Hello! I’m SHIMUNIA and for 9 years now I have been drawing with threads, creating small pieces of art with great love.

I make embroidery in my impressionist embroidery style and invented “fluffy clouds”.